• Lakes Middle School Instrumental Music


    Beginning Band, Beginning Orchestra, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band,

    Advanced Orchestra, Jazz Band


    Jonathan Madrid, Teacher ~ Jonathan.madrid@cdaschools.org


    Band and Orchestra Materials


    • 3 Ring Binder
    • Sheet Protectors
    • Pencil


    Method Books for Band:


    Sound Innovation Book  for Concert Band 

    Beginning Band: Blue S.I. Book 1 for C.B.

    Intermediate Band: Blue S.I  Book 1 for C.B. , Red S.I. Book 2 for C.B. (Spring Semester)

    Advanced Band: Red S.I. Book 2 for C.B.


    Sound Innovation Book for String Orchestra

    Beginning Orchestra: Blue S.I. Book 1 for S.O. , Red S.I. Book 2 for S.O. (Spring Semester)

    Advanced Orchestra: Red S.I. Book 2 for S.O



    Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone, Tuba:

    • Valve oil with your name on it
    • Cleaning swab/ Brushes


    • Slide-o-Mix or Slide Cream
    • Mist Spray Bottle 
    • Cleaning Swab/ Brushes



    Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon: 

    • A Minimum of four playable reeds (Med-Soft, Soft, 2 strength, 2.5 strength.)
    • Cork Grease
    • Cleaning Swab (AVOID PAD SAVERS)



    • Cleaning rod and soft cotton cleaning cloth (a thin cotton handkerchief works fine could be a cut piece of clothing.) 
    • Cloth to wipe oil off flute. (Small Microfiber or Cotton)


    Snare Drum

    •  2 pairs of size 5A sticks with your name on them. (Total four sticks)
    • Keyboard mallets are shared among students. If you want your own, please contact Mr. Madrid.




    • Instrument
    • Bow
    • Rosin
    • Shoulder Rest 



    • Instrument
    • Bow
    • Rosin (Bass Requires Bass Rosin)
    • Endpin Stop/Protector


    You can get all of this and more at Burt’s Music on Sherman Avenue or Northwest Music by the

    Fairgrounds. If you plan to order something online feel free to contact me to make sure that the selected items meet the requirements. 




    Beginning Band Flute Player: 3 Ring Binder, Sheet Protectors, Pencil, Blue Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 1 for Flute, Flute, Cleaning Rod, Cleaning Cloth. 



    Beginning Orchestra Violin Player: 3 Ring Binder, Sheet Protectors, Pencil, Blue Sound Innovations for String Orchestra Book 1 for Violin, Violin, Bow, Rosin, Shoulder Rest.