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    Q: How will eSchool function?

    A: The goal of eSchool this year is to best align student schedules to their current school learning plan. Our eSchool will offer generous time for students to meet with their teacher, work individually and in small groups, and engage in rigorous and meaningful learning. Teachers will be excited to get to know their students well, and will customize learning to meet the needs of their students, just as they would in an in-person setting.

     Q: When will students receive textbooks?

    A: Tentatively, we expect textbooks will be available to disseminate the first week of September.

    Q: What will a typical eSchool day look like?

    A: It will include both structured and independent learning. Teachers will meet with students in group and individual meetings, offer direct instruction and modeling, and hold class discussions. In addition, students will learn independently, with projects and assignments that allow them to make learning decisions and experience some flexibility.

    Q: How many hours a day will students be online?

    A: Our eSchool will not be a continuous livestream of classes through the school day. Students will experience a dependable schedule of online time with their teacher and peers, and independent learning time.

    Q: Will students be able to interact with an actual teacher from their usual school? If they do have a teacher from usual school, will they have the ability to virtually interact with their classmates?

    A: Students in our eSchool will be assigned a teacher and learning community from our eSchool, rather than a teacher from the school they would normally attend. Students of our eSchool will interact with and learn alongside other children in their eSchool class.

    Q: What if my student is struggling and needs extra help?

    A: Our teachers and staff members in our eSchool will work closely with you and your child to meet your child’s learning needs. Our team will get to know our online students well, will use effective learning tools and assessments, and will work closely with the District’s Special Education and Title teams to provide additional academic, emotional and social support based on the needs of our online students.

    Q: What happens next after we register?

    A: Before the first week of school you can expect to hear from us with details about your student’s class and teacher, a learning schedule, and more information about the fall semester.

    Q: Can we transition into eSchool after a few weeks of in-person school if we decide we would prefer that option?

    A: Yes, students can transition into our eSchool from our in-person classrooms at the end of each 9-week learning period.

    Q: If we decide to do the eSchool and during the year we change our mind, would we be able to put our kids back into in-person classes?

    A: Yes, students in eSchool can transition into our in-person schools at the end of each 9-week learning period.

    Q: If a current magnet school student enrolls in eSchool this year, can they return to their magnet school next year?

    A: Yes. If a family opts for their student to enroll in eSchool, the student will be able to return to their magnet school next year. They will not lose their spot in the magnet school.

    Q: What about students who receive special education services? Will that continue if they are in eSchool?

    A: Special education services will be available for eSchool students. The delivery of services may look different and will be coordinated through the Individualized Education Program process. If the student is in a special program such as Life Skills, we will provide services to the greatest extent possible.

    Q: Will eSchool students (middle and high school) have access to elective classes?

    A: The selection of elective classes available to eSchool students will be limited this year. In the next few weeks, course offerings will be formalized with our eSchool administration and teachers to establish what we can offer online, and that will be based on student enrollment and the learning/graduation plan needs of students. We will coordinate the best options to help students meet their requirements. If eSchool students cannot access an elective class (such as music) as an online option, it's possible they may be able to practice and participate in it as an extracurricular activity and coordinate that schedule with the teacher. 

    Q: Can my eSchool student arrange to take an elective class in person at their home school?

    A: Students this year are either eSchool students, or they are on-site students. We do not have a hybrid eSchool/site-based model. Therefore, students will take all courses in eSchool or in their home school. We are unable to accommodate customized schedules from eSchool course offerings and what is available in the student's home school.  

    Q: Will eSchool students be able to participate in athletic programs or other extracurricular activities at their home school?

    A: Yes, to the extent that those programs are able to continue, eSchool students will be welcome to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. Families must provide their own transportation to and from the school, and students will be expected to follow current health protocols, including wearing masks when and where required.

    Q: If my student is dual enrolled for a North Idaho College course that is held at his usual high school, will they be able to do the course online?

    A: NIC is offering several online options that students can dual enroll in. You will want to contact NIC to see if the course they are interested in is offered online.

    Q: Will my high school student still be able to attend classes at KTEC, the Kootenai Technical Education Campus?

    A: Yes.










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