• Please alert the school nurse to any health condition your child may have.

    • This can be disclosed on the student's health history but it's also ok to check in with the school nurse personally.
    • Presenting a doctor's note listing a medical condition may be helpful.
    • Some children interact with the school nurse on a regular basis.
    • The school nurse may write an individual health plan to help care for your student during school.
    • Some students may require emergency action and/or evacuation plans.
    • Some students with health conditions are eligible for section 504 accommodations.

    A school district should consider the doctor’s recommendations along with other information collected as part of a complete evaluation. While it is the doctor’s responsibility to diagnose and treat medical conditions, it is the school district’s responsibility to evaluate the student’s needs using multiple sources to determine if the student is eligible and to develop and implement any necessary accommodations or services for the student. For more information regarding section 504 please see the Parent's Guide to 504.