• Scholarships

    Finding and securing scholarships is a necessary step in making college affordable.

    First start by understanding the process of applying! Check out this guide for information on the entire scholarship application process.

    National scholarships are the first to open their applications. Start by researching these and what ones you may qualify for. Use search engines like FastWeb.com to create a portfolio about yourself. You can then work through the list of potential scholarships it gives you to decide which you would like to work on and pursue. 

    State & Local Scholarships will start to open at the beginning of the school year, however the application window and opportunities tend to increase in the Winter/Spring. For a list of state & local scholarship offerings, check out Xello! Instructions can be found here.

    Make sure to get strong letter of reccomendations from teachers, coaches, counselors, etc. To help them write a great letter, give them a bio about yourself and your accomplishments. Their may be something they didn't know about you. Keep in mind, this is not the time to be humble. Here is a great bio sheet to use if needed!

     Put time into any essay you write! Make sure to stand out and try to show your personality through it. If the essay can be used more than once go ahead and do so, just make sure to adjust anything needed that is specific to a scholarship!!!

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