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Mrs. Myers

COVID-19 challenge.  I will be using my quarantine time to investigate current events.  I challenge all students to do the same.  Can you capture the events and feelings in your world or from a global view of the current events? Document your experience, reaction, or those of others through your artistic endeavors. What are people doing, feeling, seeing? How are people reacting? Share your Source of Strength, As an artist, How do you cope with adverse situations? 

must be Original Artwork- you own creation! 

submit your work here

see published work here

Mrs. Myers investigates Covid-19  

suggestions... Visual Journal (diary, sketchbook, scrapbook, documentation),  collage, cartoons, memes, video, istopmotion, digital art, inventions, sculpture, found object assemblage. 

Otherwise, I hope you are well and Stay Well. 
Mrs. Myers