Working together
Yoga in the Activity Room

Atlas Activity Room

  • The EXCEL Foundation awarded Atlas Elementary a grant to support the establishment of an alternative recess room. This project was designed to meet the needs of students who would benefit from more routine during their recess time, including social skills support and practice, supervision, structured exercise opportunities, as well as opportunities for self-regulation. The Atlas Activity Room started in January of 2020 and strives to meet student needs by offering a variety of activities to choose from, support for positive peer interaction, as well as a zones (using the Zones of Regulation) check-in to establish how their "engine" is running.

    As this program is evolving, we are noticing students identify what activity might best meet their needs during recess (i.e. quiet reading, physical movement, playing a game or interacting with new friends). Thank you to the EXCEL Foundation for supporting this project that has been popular and rewarding for students! 

    Based on information collected from students, here is some data we can share with you about how the Activity Room has impacted students:

    Attendees by grade level How students benefit