• The all night senior party will take place on June 7th from 10:30 pm to 4:00 am at Triple Play Family Fun Park


    Wear comfortable clothes, park across the street, once you get there you have to stay until the end.


    All Night Drug and Alcohol party decorations picture Free Senior Party

    • $65 until May 31st, then $75
    • Purchase tickets from Kelly Murray in the attendance office
    The Senior Party is hosted by the Class of 2019 Parents for all seniors. It's an amazing party that allows our graduating seniors to spend all night in a crazy fun and safe environment all together one last time before they go off into the world for the next chapter of their lives. 
    Seniors - The All Night Senior Party includes:
    • All the food you can eat (new food will be delivered throughout the night)
    • Access to all of Triple Play's activities
    • A Casino where you earn Viking Bucks
    • The Store (Each senior gets to visit, filled with thousands of dollars of gifts that are purchased just for you!)
    • Raffles (free - AMAZING PRIZES including snowboards, kayaks, PS4, dorm fridge, Apple AirPods and much more)
    All students who go will get to choose one graduation gift (nice gifts!!!), and you'll go into The Store and pick in the order that you buy your ticket - so THE SOONER THE BETTER! 
    If you need help with paying for a ticket, please see Ms. Kerr privately in the library. We want EVERY SENIOR to attend this party! It's for you, and we want you to be safe and have an amazing graduation night!