Behavior Discipline Plan

  • School bus transportation is the safest ground transportation there is. In a continuing effort to provide the safest ride possible for your child / children, we have enclosed a copy of the safety rules that students must follow at the bus stop and while riding the bus. Please go over these rules with your child/children. To the school bus driver any distraction is a safety hazard. With this in mind, we have developed an assertive discipline program for the students that ride the school buses in the Coeur d'Alene School District.

    The following steps will be followed to maintain a safe environment on the buses.

    1st Infraction - Driver gives student slip (warning only). Student must take slip home to parent /guardian. Parent /guardian must sign slip (let's driver know that you have seen it) and student returns slip to driver the next morning. (Student WILL NOT be allowed on bus without signed slip.)

    2nd Infraction - Driver gives student slip to take to parent. Slip will also be mailed to parents/guardian.  Student will be denied bus privileges until parent, student, transportation director and principal have conference. Amount of time off bus will be decided at this time.

    3rd Infraction - Driver gives student slip. Slip will also be mailed to parents/guardian. Student will be denied bus privileges for 10 days.  Parent, student, transportation director, and principal conference must happen before student can ride.

    4th Infraction - Student will be denied bus privileges for the remainder of school year. Driver will give student slip.  Slip will be mailed to parents/guardian.(Student may petition Board of Trustees for reinstatement of bus privileges)

    Severe Infraction - Student may be denied bus privileges WITHOUT PRIOR WARNINGS when a severe infraction of bus rules occurs. A severe infraction includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Fighting.
    2. Physical harm or threat of physical harm to bus driver.
    3. Physical harm or threat of physical harm to another student.
    4. Destruction of Property.
    5. Total disruption on the bus.


    When a student’s bus riding privileges have been suspended, the student may not ride any District #271 bus (including activities, field trips, and after school program buses) until a conference is held with the parent(s), student, driver, principal and Director of Transportation.

    This discipline plan is to help ensure that your children have the safest ride possible to and from school. We would appreciate any support you can give us in helping your children understand the importance of following the safety rules on the bus.


    Sincerely, Jill Hill

    Transportation Director