• How a delayed start works

    A delayed start can be useful on mornings when extra time may be needed to clear snow from streets, parking lots and sidewalks; put down sand in icy areas; or attend to other maintenance needs in the District.

    Just as we would with a school closure, we will announce a delayed start by 5:30 a.m. Our announcement will include details, but generally it will mean everything begins two hours later than usual.

    Here are other important considerations for a delayed-start day:

    Buses: All bus routes will operate on the two-hour delayed schedule in the morning and the usual schedule in the afternoon. If your student’s normal pickup time is 8:15 a.m., it will be 10:15 a.m. during a two-hour delay.

    Meal service: Schools will continue to offer breakfast for students immediately before school starts, and for students in our School PLUS program.

    After-school programs: Unless we indicate otherwise, after-school programs will be unaffected by a delayed start.

    KTEC: The morning program at Kootenai Technical Education Campus will be canceled on a delayed-start day. The afternoon bus to KTEC will run on its normal schedule.

    Preschool and morning kindergarten: For families with children in preschool or half-day morning kindergarten, those morning programs will be canceled due to the delayed start. Half-day morning kindergarten students may use our Kinder PLUS program. Kinder PLUS students must register in advance at the District Office. School PLUS is not able to accept registrations on the morning of a late-start day.

    Morning daycare: We realize a delayed start can complicate morning routines, especially for families with younger children requiring supervision. One option families can consider is School PLUS, the District’s in-school child care program. We have made adjustments to the School PLUS program to accommodate additional students in the morning on a delayed-start day. School PLUS will continue to provide morning care for elementary students at all 11 of our elementary schools, beginning at 6:45 a.m. Students must be registered in advance to attend School PLUS. If you wish to register your child to attend School PLUS only in the event of a delayed-start day, please complete this registration form and return to the District Office. The daily rate for using School PLUS on a delayed-start day is $10 per student, payable at the school site with cash or check.

    For questions about child care, please contact the School PLUS office at (208) 769-0700 or email schoolplus@cdaschools.org.   

    If you have any questions about delayed starts, please let us know. You may call us at (208) 664-8241, or email us at info@cdaschools.org.