FAQs for Advanced Opportunities

  • How many classes can I take?

    As a middle school studfent, the Advanced Opportunities funding can be used to cover the cost of 1 high school level course per semester,  taken in addition to the student’s full middle school course load, or 2 high school level courses in the summer.


    Where do I take the overload high school courses?

    Idaho Digital Learning Alliance is a commonly used provider for middle school students to take online high school courses. There are two types of courses offered through IDLA- Flex and Cohort. Flex courses are self-paced with online activity required at least once a week. Cohort courses are traditionally designed with weekly deadlines. Note: Flex courses are NOT recognized by the NCAA. Here is a link to the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance portal with course descriptions: https://portal.idiglearning.net/K12/CourseCatalog

    Can I take middle school classes, or only high school classes?

    While in middle school, the Advanced Opportunities funding can only be used to cover the cost of high school courses. If a student would like to take courses for middle school credit, please see your school Counselor for more information.  The cost of the online middle school level course will be paid by the individual family. Most online courses through Idaho Digital Learning Alliance are $75 each.


    How much funding is available?

    The Advanced Opportunities program provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4125 during a student’s academic career. This funding can be used for overload classes, dual credit classes, credit bearing exams (AP, IB), professional technical exams (CNA, A+, etc) or post-secondary scholarships if a student graduates early. In middle school, this funding is generally used for high school level overload courses, taken in addition to a full middle school credit load.


    Where can I find more information about the Advanced Opportunities program?

    Here is an overview of the State program: Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program

    Please visit the CDA School District website for more information on Advanced Opportunities in our school district: https://www.cdaschools.org/Domain/1695

    The Idaho State Department of Education website also has additional info: http://www.sde.idaho.gov/student-engagement/advanced-ops/

    The Next Steps Idaho website also has additional information: https://nextsteps.idaho.gov/resources/advanced-opportunities-forward-program-for-high-school-students

    You are welcome to contact the College & Career Coordinator or your assigned school Counselor for questions or conversation.