Homebound Instructional Services

  • Overview

    Homebound Instruction is a temporary service provided by the Coeur d’Alene School District. Homebound instruction may be initiated for any student who, on a physician’s order, is unable to attend school for ten or more consecutive school days because of health, physical impairment, injury, hospitalization, or other illness that prohibits school attendance.  Parents submit a written request for homebound instruction, along with the Medical Certification of Need from the treating physician, to their child’s school counselor.

    Homebound instruction is not intended to supplant school services and is, by design, temporary.  It is not a remediation program and is not designed to provide students with time to make up previously missed assignments.  The goal of homebound instruction is to keep the student as current as possible with classroom instruction. It is expected that the family and school will minimize academic work missed due to absences prior to the initiation of homebound services.  Please direct any questions concerning homebound instruction to the child’s school counselor or Homebound Coordinator Kate Keinert at (208) 664-8241 x10047.

    Responsibilities of the Homebound Teacher

    Persons serving as homebound teachers must:

    1. Within 24 hours of accepting a student assignment, contact the parent or guardian and schedule homebound instruction.  When scheduling sessions, take into consideration, whenever possible, the requests of the parent or guardian.
    2. If contact is not made with the parent or guardian within 48 hours of assignment, document all attempts and notify Kate Keinert.
    3. Within 48 hours of accepting the student assignment, email the school counselor and classroom teachers for the purpose of exchanging information and materials related to the curriculum.
    4. With the school counselor, determine a designated location for all homebound materials and/or assignments to be located for pickup by the homebound teacher.
    5. Notify Kate Keinert of time and location of scheduled instructional sessions and immediately notify of any changes in scheduled sessions.
    6. Provide instructional materials, answer questions, and possibly administer tests, exams, or other assessments with the goal of keeping the student as current as possible with classroom instruction.
    7. After each instructional session, assign work to be completed by the student before the next instructional session.
    8. In collaboration with the classroom teacher, make modifications and accommodations regarding assignments and activities, as necessary, for the homebound setting without compromising educational integrity.
    9. Communicate with the classroom teacher, preferably weekly, but at least every other week to remain informed about classroom activities and to keep the classroom teacher informed about the student’s academic progress, effort, and circumstances.
    10. Return all work to the classroom teacher within one week of its completion, unless other arrangements are made, keeping a record of all returned work.
    11. Determine jointly with the classroom teacher how and by whom individual work products will be graded.
    12. If the student is expected to take a final examination, coordinate with the classroom teacher to obtain a copy of the exam and all preparatory materials.
    13. Obtain the initials of the parent or guardian documenting instructional time and subjects taught at the conclusion of each session.
    14. Provide the allotted instruction for each student.  Homebound teachers may not shorten approved instructional time, even at the request of the parent or guardian, and then request payment for the full time allocated.  The time indicated on the timesheet must be the same as that provided unless it is a “cancellation/no-show” situation.
    15. If a student is unavailable or the required adult is not in the home, wait 15 minutes before leaving, mark the session as a “cancellation/no show,” and notify Kate Keinert.
    16. Immediately contact Kate Keinert if concerns arise.
    17. Provide documentation regarding instructional activities as requested.
    18. Use assignments and materials provided by the classroom teacher.
    19. Maintain an accurate record of the hours of instruction provided for each assigned student and file such information.
    20. Encourage school staff members to be actively engaged with student receiving homebound services; e.g., email check-ins.

    The homebound teacher is an essential part of the team of persons who provide materials and instruction to enable the homebound student to maintain academic progress while not attending the regular school program.  Homebound instruction is a modification of the general education program. If work is returned to the classroom teacher for grading, prompt feedback to the homebound teacher and student is expected and necessary in order to ensure progress in the academic program.  When scheduling sessions, homebound teachers will take into consideration parent or guardian requests, but not all requests can be accommodated.

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Homebound instruction is considered a school-sponsored activity.  The Student Rights and Responsibilities apply to all students regardless of venue.  These documents are provided to students and parents at the start of each new school year.

    Missed Sessions

    Makeup sessions will only be allowed for sessions missed due to illness or family emergencies, and only when cancellations are made 24 hours prior to scheduled sessions.  If possible, makeup for missed sessions must be completed within the same week the session is canceled.  Requests for makeup sessions, other than those stated, will require prior approval from Kate Keinert.  The homebound teacher will notify Kate after each cancellation when there is no prior notification by the parent or guardian.  An excessive number of cancellations; i.e., three or more in the course of a nine-week period, may result in termination of homebound services.  Sessions missed due to cancellation by the homebound teacher will be made up.

    School Reintegration Process

    The school will work collaboratively with parents or guardians and medical and/or community resources to coordinate the appropriate plan for the student’s reintegration to school-based instruction, including any reasonable accommodations that will enhance the student’s ability to appropriately access the curriculum.  A 504 Plan may need to be put in place to document the accommodations.


    Compensation of the Homebound Teacher

    Travel Reimbursement

    Homebound teachers are eligible for travel reimbursement for travel beyond their normal commute to or from their assignment.  Complete and submit a mileage reimbursement chart along with your timesheet.

    Coordination of Services

    Each homebound teacher is allowed one hour per week to visit the school for the purpose of coordinating plans and securing books and other materials.  If additional coordinating time is required, the homebound instructor must contact Kate Keinert.

    Instructional Sessions

    Teachers will be compensated for no more than the number of hours per week established when the student is assigned, unless additional time is authorized by Kate Keinert.  Instructional sessions on unauthorized days will not be approved for payment. Makeup sessions during the same week as a missed session are authorized, but Kate Keinert must be informed of the change.


    Homebound teachers will be compensated for any additional time required to administer tests with prior approval from Kate Keinert.