Family & Community Events

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    We invite you to join in and get involved in building bridges! Below is a list of events we host, promote or just participate in that help uplift our community.

    Call Hope on the Homefront at (208) 664-8241 x10061 to find out more.


    FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Give away for all students in need [Aug & Sept]

    BACK-TO-SCHOOL EVENTS: Meet and greet at all schools [Aug & Sept]

    CDA4KIDS: Before, after and summer school programs at selected schools [All year]

    CDA BACKPACK PROGRAM: Keeping our most needy kids fed on weekends

    CARDBOARD BOAT RACES: A CdA4Kids event at Woodland Middle School [Sept]

    LAKESGIVING: Community Thanksgiving at Lakes Middle School [Nov]

    NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH: Honoring the first Americans and their history in our schools [Nov]

    COATS4KIDS & OTHER COMMUNITY COLLECTIONS: Collecting and distributing coats, shoes, snacks for students [Sept -  Dec]

    SECRETS OF MONEY: Financial education classes for students & parents [2x annually]

    MOCHAS IN THE MORNING / DONUTS WITH DAD: Honoring family and their involvement in their kids’ education [Mid-year]

    TITLE ONE READING NIGHTS: Promoting family literacy [Mar]

    BORAH SPRING FLING: A family fun event bringing community supports to families [May]

    SENIOR PROJECT APPAREL: Providing free professional clothing for seniors at CHS [May]

    FAMILY DAY IN THE PARK: Connect with community celebrate the last day of school [June]