• College and career might seem far away for a student in middle school, but it’s important to start planning now.

    What Can You Do To Help?

    Parents and family members are vital stakeholders in developing a child's personal post-secondary plan. Below are a few resources and ways to support you child in exploring careers and developing a plan. Our goal is to have parents and students work together along with staff at the middle school and high school on this process including course selection, college search, postsecondary work experience, and much more.

    • Ask your child to share any career interests they already have with you.


    • Help your child recognize subjects they are interested in, which subjects they want to challenge themselves in, and work together on how to balance priorities to ensure they can accomplish their personal goals.


    • Help your student set goals for academic and personal interests.  Start by setting goals for personal interests (in sports, extracurricular activities, etc.), then help set ones for academic achievements. Ask your student to envision both the benefits and the obstacles in achieving each goal.



    • Become familiar Career Cruising, as explained below. 


    Career Cruising

    Career Cruising is the electronic tool that our district uses to support our students with career exploration and planning. Students will use the software to build self awareness by completing a variety of assessments, explore and research potential career choices, plan their high school courses,and determine next steps after high school.

    Parents are encouraged to engage in conversations with their child about their academic and career plans as their child begins exploring options. Talk with your student about the things she or he likes to do and find out about jobs that seem interesting.

    Career Cruising also contains a resource called Coeur d'alene Connects. Have a real-life learning experience by connecting with a local professional in a career field you are interested in. Connect with a Career Coach or Mentor, or ask career-related questions on a virtual message board. Browse available internships, job shadows, and other work-based learning opportunities. Search for a service learning or project-based learning opportunities.

    Below is a link to the District webpage with additional Career Cruising information and log in instructions. 

     Link to Career Cruising info page


    Next Steps Idaho

    Check out the Next Steps Idaho website for helpful information, resources, definitions, timelines, and FAQs about how to prepare for the next step after high school graduation. This website is hosted by the Idaho State Board of Education and contains a lot of great information for students and families. 




    Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC) is a Career Technical School that prepares students for successful careers and post-secondary education. KTEC is designed to provide students with real-life learning opportunities through advanced Professional Technical programs.  Students have the opportunity to earn dual credit, industrial certifications and gain marketable skills for the workplace.   KTEC is a tuition free program for 11th and 12th grade students.