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  • To join a Google Classroom:

    • Click on Google Classroom.
    • Sign in with your Google Account.
    • Click on the + to join a class.
    • Enter the class code.

    Mrs. Birdsall - Our Counselor
    Class Code: xi7gdmp

    Mrs. Medeiros - Library
    Class Code: uiy7c22

    Mrs. Blattstein - PE
    Class Code: ech4dpv

    Ms. Laster - Music
    Winton Music: 5feeibt
    5th Grade:  j6ojopj
    4th Grade: rj7eb7n
    3rd Grade:  j6ojopj
    Special Chorus:  eu673sn

    Miss Reed - Art
    Kindergarten: yedtei3
    First:  rkmupdx
    Second: 7watlyt
    Third Grade: 4bnpl6w 
    Fourth: ghqmwma
    Fifth: 6hckk3s 

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. George, Mrs. Devlin
    Class Code: g77xkxq

    Mrs. Kibby - 1st Grade
    Class Code: wgemy6g

    Mrs. Brixen - 1st Grade
    Class Code: vjv37gh

    Mrs. Malinauskas - 1st Grade
    Class Code: si2vvb4

    Mrs. Barrett - 2nd Grade
    Class Code: crxwfvp

    Mrs. Berger - 2nd Grade
    Class Code: ly2u5m2

    Mrs. Gibney - 2nd Grade
    Class Code: oafshhl

    Mrs. Johnson - 2nd Grade
    Class Code: zedgtgn

    Grades 3-5
    Your students are already connected to their Google Classrooms.  They just need to sign in with their Google account and they will see all their classes.

    Just in case...

    Mrs. Teal: 3mbw547
    Mrs. O'Quinn: ci2of5u

    Mrs. Charney: nsth53m

    Mrs. Smith: xkja2ib