Highly Qualified Staff

  • School-wide Title I programs must use effective scientifically-based research curriculum and instructional strategies, and instruction must be done by highly qualified staff.  School-wide plans should include strategies to attract highly qualified teachers to high poverty schools. For paraprofessionals to meet the criteria for “highly qualified,” they must have earned a high school diploma or GED, in addition to 2 years of college or an associate’s degree or pass the paraprofessional Praxis test offered by the Educational Testing Service. In school-wide Title I schools, staff members receive additional training, resources, programs, and staffing to benefit all reading and math groups, from below to above grade level.

    Title I and Title II funds also support Instructional Coaches in the Coeur d’Alene School District. These highly trained professionals provide staff development for classroom teachers and paraprofessionals through weekly collaboration, classroom observations, and after-school training to hone skills in reading and math instruction.  Reading coaches focus on increasing students’ comprehension, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, writing, and phonemic awareness.  Math coaches work with classroom teachers to enhance instructional strategies to help reach students who are struggling with math fact fluency, application of concepts, and retention of skills.