School-Wide Title 1 Programs

  • Title I school-wide programs are unique because they allow schools to blend their federal, state and local funds when planning their school’s educational program and budget, so in this regard, there is no distinction between Title I services and general education services.  All of our schools utilize the school-wide Title I model. Developing and implementing a high-quality school-wide program is a systemic, effective strategy for increasing the academic achievement of all students. School-wide programs do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services; having school-wide status helps to assist all students at the school and enhances reading and math programs as a whole. This means any student who could benefit from additional help using Title I resources, whether for a two week skill group or a year-long intervention plan, will receive instruction to fit his/her needs. School-wide models must use effective scientifically-based researched curriculum and instructional strategies.

    School-wide programs provide greater flexibility, but this comes with an expectation of greater results. This model is designed to enhance and upgrade the entire educational process within the school. To meet the needs of all students, schools using this model are required to review their plans annually. Schools evaluate the effectiveness of their plans in meeting academic goals and determine if the plan is still appropriate as written. The Idaho State Department of Education then monitors to see how schools are using data to evaluate the effectiveness of its program and how they are working toward continuous school improvement and refinement.

    School-wide Title 1 Programs also implement annual plans to increase parental involvement at the school. Family and community engagement is important for the school-wide model’s success. Parents are asked to partner with school teams as planners, participants, and decision-makers in the operation of the school-wide Title I program. Collaboration is based on a shared vision of each school's values and overall mission. This partnership is vital in strengthening the program’s ability to meet the needs of all students.  See individual school’s websites for more information about their Parent Involvement Plans.