Bus Safety Rules & Etiquette

      1. Students should arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before stop time.
      2. Wait for the bus in an orderly line, at least 12 feet back from the road/street.
      3. Respect the rights and property of others at the bus stop. Students causing problems at a bus stop may be denied bus privileges.
      4. If students have to cross the road, wait for the driver's signal and cross 12 feet in front of the bus.
      5. Go directly to an available seat. Students are to fasten seat belts when available.
      6. Remain seated while riding the bus, facing forward, using a quiet voice, and keeping hands to self.  The school bus aisles must not be blocked with feet, personal belongings, etc…
      7. Respect the rights and property of others on the bus.
      8. Students are responsible for the area in which they sit. Any damage inflicted to the bus will be paid for by the students responsible.
      9. Throwing, spitting, kicking or shooting items inside the bus or out the windows is hazardous and prohibited.
      10. Only items that can be held on lap are allowed on bus without prior arrangements being made with the Transportation Department.
      11. Eating, drinking or chewing gum are not permitted on a school bus. (Danger of choking and allergic reactions are present.)
      12. Students shall not be loud and not use profane, abusive, or vulgar language. Tobacco, vape devices, alcohol, illegal drugs, and use of flame or spark-producing devices, including but not limited to matches, lighters, etc. are prohibited on the bus.
      13. Animals, hazardous materials, water devices, skate boards, skis, ski poles, baseball bats, or any potentially hazardous items are not allowed on school buses.
      14. Keep all body parts and objects inside the bus at all times.
      15. Students will not be allowed to randomly change bus stops. They must stay at their assigned bus stop unless they have prior permission from the transportation office to change to a different stop.
      16. Students will not be allowed to depart the bus at a location different than the pick-up location unless the transportation department has a written note signed by a parent/guardian or authorization from the school.
      17. The driver is in charge of the bus and student management on the bus. The driver has the right to assign seats at any time. Students shall follow the driver's directions promptly.


      Riding a school bus is not an undeniable right. Each student is responsible for making the choice to follow the safety rules and have a pleasant ride to school or choosing not to follow the safety rules with the possibility of losing his/her bus riding privileges. Video surveillance in use.

      Penalty: Violation of the above rules will render pupils immediately liable for temporary or permanent disbarment from riding.

      Should you have any questions please contact the Transportation Office at 208-667-3451