FREE Learning Subscriptions for Students

  • Students are more successful when they have learning opportunities at home to support their learning in the classroom.  Research shows children score higher on academic tests and perform better in school when they have support from home.

    Because you are the most important and influential person in your child’s life, the CdA School District provides parents with FREE subscriptions to the following:


    Sora by OVERDRIVE - Free e-books & audiobooks

    Check out eBooks using your personal computer, phone, tablet or iPad — at home or at school — from the CDA School District Overdrive website.

    VOCABULARY.COM - Vocabulary Game combines the world's smarted dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have your student mastering new words in no time. Compete with other students, classrooms or schools.

    I-READY - Diagnostic Tools with Games & Activities

    I-Ready is an integrated blended learning program that personalizes learning for all students and is a diagnostic tool for the teacher to pinpoints a students' needs down to the sub-skill level.

    SMARTY ANTS - A fun literacy program designed for young learners

    Idaho families can start their early learners on the right start on the road to reading success with Smarty Ants, with a special partnership between Idaho State Department of Education and Achieve3000 — all 4-year-olds in Idaho receive a free subscription to Smarty Ants.*