Smarty Ants

  • Early Literacy for PreK Learners

    An exciting new prekindergarten literacy initiative from the Idaho State Department of Education and Achieve3000 brings free, research-based foundational literacy learning to all four-year-olds in Idaho. 

    Ensure that your child is on track for success from the first day of school! This interactive solution provides everything young learners need to start kindergarten with a love of reading – all in a fun online environment that will keep them engaged and learning:
    • Children start in the “Swimming Pool,” a quick assessment that identifies each student’s current level of reading readiness.
    • Smarty Ants will automatically adapt instruction according to each child’s exact skill level, learning temperament and learning pace.
    • Through engaging instruction and games, students develop essential literacy skills, including building print awareness, learning new vocabulary and identifying letters and their sounds.
    • Thousands of virtual awards to collect and dozens of mini-games to play make learning how to read fun and exciting for every child.
    Prepare your student for kindergarten success with this effective, research-based literacy program designed for young learners.
    A Smarty Ants subscription available at no cost for all Idaho children who are currently 4 years old.
    Activate your free subscription today! Call 877-235-2525 and use code SmartyIDAHO
    Go to and enter your child’s username and password so s/he can start exploring the world of Smarty Ants! Print and complete this card to help your child remember how to log in to Smarty Ants.
    Have questions? Download our FAQ guide for frequently asked questions.
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