• Student Success and Academic Progress

    Student success is extremely important!  College records are permanent and will follow students to colleges and universities upon high school graduation.  Students are required to maintain a certain college GPA and completion rate to remain eligible for DUAL credit enrollment.  These standards on in place ensure students stay on track for high school graduation and maintain strong college transcripts.



    • 2.0 overall GPA or higher
      • This means Cs or higher in ALL college level courses.  Ideally, students would maintain a 3.0 higher GPA in their DUAL credit courses to remain eligible for college admissions and scholarship opportunities

    • 67% or higher completion rate

      • Fs and Ws can impact a student's completion rate.  Students who fall below the 67% completion rate may not be eligible for financial aid upon high school graduation.


    Any time a DUAL credit student is struggling they should reach out to their high school counselors or College and Career Coordinator for assistance.