• Skills and Knowledge

    Students interested in taking DUAL credit courses should be academically and emotionally prepared for the rigors of a college level class. The minimum requirements for DUAL enrollment are a guide to helps students and parents determine whether DUAL credit is the right choice for them.  Outside of high school grades students should consider some of the following in order to gauge their readiness for college level courses. 

    • Self-Advocacy
    • Strong reading and writing skills
    • Motivation
    • Time manage skills
    • Independent learning skills
    • Ability to self-teach

    DUAL Credit students must possess the ability to advocate for themselves.  DUAL credit students are responsibly for filling out their own applications, registering in their classes(even those offerred at CHS), and being aware of deadlines.  If you feel your student may struggle with any specific part of being a DUAL credit student, we recommend setting up a meeting with the College and Career Coordinator or counselor to determine whether DUAL credit is a good fit for your student.