Save the Kids

  • parent night


    Come hear Collin Kartchner
    at Lake City High School
    from 7-8 PM.

    On Feb 6, 2018, the Salt Lake Tribune's front page article began: "Collin Kartchner decided to fight Instagram with Instagram." Two months later, Collin started a nationwide movement called #SavetheKids and has been on a crusade to help people both young and old to rise above the negative effects of social media & screen-addiction, while showing the world how to use it for doing good. Using social media, Collin raised $100k's for hurricane victims, kids fighting cancer, and orphans in South America. In 9 minutes he raised enough money to put up "You Are Beautiful" & "You Are Loved" billboards seen over 1.2M times. Now he's on a crusade to save teens from social media's potential destruction to their self-esteem and mental health, and empowering parents to reconnect with their kids. #SavetheKids #SavetheParents

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