• What are Strings Belts?

    Download or view the Strings Karate packet (students will get one from Mrs. Phillips to use for the year):
    Violin / Viola / Cello / Bass


    Click here for YouTube links for belt videos and practice recordings!!


    The Karate Belt system is used in martial arts training to mark progress. In Strings, the same idea is applied to learning an instrument! Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to advance by playing specific exercises from our method book (Sound Innovations for String Orchestra) and demonstrating mastery of various skills. Once checked off on all requirements for each level, students earn a colored belt as a reward and sign of achieving practice goals!  (Belts will be tied to the scroll of the instruments to show accomplishments)


    Students will start on the lowest belt (white) and progress through the ranks to make it to the highest belt (black). There are NINE levels of belts, each more difficult than the previous one. Students must show improvement and achievement to earn the next belt. This will require a lot of practice at home and self-motivation!!!  Those who wish to go above and beyond the belt system can also earn up to four “Peg Monsters” (finger puppets that fit over the pegs).

    Order of Belts:
    White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange,  Brown, Black

    Karate Rules
    To earn each belt, students must perform the songs listed on each belt page at a level 3 or 4 (see rubric).

    The RULES are:
    1. Students must practice AT HOME to perfect each skill.
    2. Students may only earn belts in order (although students may pass off on specific skills from future belts at any time).
    3. Students may ask Mrs. Phillips for extra help at ANY time!!!.
    4. When testing for a belt challenge, students are only allowed to start over ONCE.
    5. Students may work ahead of the rest of the class.
    6. Students may retake quizzes as many times as needed the skills needed are mastered. (only one do-over on each attempt is allowed (see rule #4))

    Parent/Guardian Assistance
    Many of the videos that students need to watch will need to be viewed at home. There are a few places for parents to sign off on specific assignments - only on those specifically marked boxes.

    Some weeks will have built-in time for belt challenges. Students are always welcome to record them at home and submit them electronically.