The Student Leadership Team is a program designed to promote service learning for 5th grade students. The Student Leadership Team is a group of students interested in helping out around the school and modeling positive behaviors for younger students.

    What do student leaders do?

    Student leaders:

    • Learn ways to be a good leader (called leadership skills)
    • Help other students by being a bus “buddy”, a tutor, a peer helper, or a special recess friend
    • Help other staff members such as Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Kelly, or Mrs. Melton
    • Help organize special events such as Fall Food Drive, Valentine Lolligrams, and Aloha Day
    • Help with school-wide projects such as clean-up day, bake sales, or rock gardens
    • Greet visitors to the school and give them a tour

    What is the time commitment?

    If you sign up to be a member of the Student Leadership Team you agree to:

    • Attend leadership training (called Leadership Academy) taught by Ms. McKenna. This training will be held the first Monday of every month during 5th grade lunchtime (11:30-12:00pm). 
    • Attend Leadership Academy the third Monday of every monh during 5th grade lunchtime (11:30-12:00pm). During this session their will be guest speakers and video discussions. Any 5th grader is welcome to join this session.
    • Depending on how many students sign up, you would be a student leader for at least half of the school year.
    • You might be doing some of your jobs before 8:30, during lunch, recess, or after school.

    How does a student sign-up?

    If you are interested in being a student leader you must:

    • Complete the attached application. APPLICATION
    • Get an adult you know to write you a reference saying why you would be a good student leader.
    • Turn the application and reference in to Mrs. Melton.



    Once you have been accepted, Mrs. Melton will let you know when you will be working as a student leader.