• Character Education

    About Character Education

    The idea behind this program is that character education is as important as academic education.  It takes a strong partnership of parents, teachers, administrators, and children working together to develop children who show:  Responsibility, Respect, Gratitude, Generosity, Human Dignity, Compassion, Perseverance, Cooperation and Forgiveness.
    Every month we celebrate a character trait. 

    • September  

      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Responsibility.
      • We do what we are supposed to do, on time, and without being reminded.
      • We follow the rules, even when no one is looking.
      • We take care of our things, things we borrow, and things at our school.
      • We think before acting.
      • We do our best and use our time wisely.
      • We are honest, keep our promises.
      • We acknowledge our mistakes and do not blame others.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Respect.
      • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
      • We use good manners, we listen and take turns.
      • We accept differences and do not pick on others.
      • We resolve problems peacefully, without insults or hurting others.
      • We care for our environment and do not litter.
      • We take care of our things and those of others.
      • We stand up for ourselves.
      • We follow the rules and are safe.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Gratitude.
      • We are thankful for people and things.
      • We show and express appreciation.
      • We say “thank you.”
      • We pay attention to positive things in our lives.
      • We see the good side of things, even when it is a challenge.
      • We are grateful for our own talents and skills.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Generosity.
      • We give freely without expecting anything in return.
      • We share our things, our time, our talents.
      • We show kindness and concern for others.
      • We help people in need at home, at school, and in our community.
      • We go beyond our responsibility in an effort to make the world a better place.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Human Dignity.
      • We stick by our family and friends.
      • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
      • We stand up for people and ideas we believe in.
      • We are loyal to our teams, community, and country.
      • We make good choices and don’t talk about others behind their back.
      • We make careful decisions when we have conflicting loyalties.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Compassion.
      • We care about people in our school, family, community, and world.
      • We are sensitive to others and are nice to them.
      • We are kind and we listen.
      • We recognize others in need and try to help them.
      • We understand and appreciate differences in others.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Perseverance.
      • We keep trying and don’t give up, even when faced with difficulty.
      • We set goals and make plans to succeed.
      • We have a good attitude.
      • We show patience and determination.
      • We stand up for what is right.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Cooperation.
      • We work together.
      • We take turns, share, and listen.
      • We participate and do our best.
      • We include others and encourage them.
      • We compromise.
      • We are good leaders and good followers.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Forgiveness.
      • We acknowledge our mistakes, apologize, and try to make things right again.
      • We understand that everyone makes mistakes and we accept the apologies of others.
      • We do not bring up past mistakes or gossip about what others did wrong.
      • We move on and are friends again.