• Character Education

    About Character Education

    The idea behind this program is that character education is as important as academic education.  It takes a strong partnership of parents, teachers, administrators, and children working together to develop children who show:  Responsibility, Respect, Gratitude, Generosity, Human Dignity, Compassion, Perseverance, Cooperation and Forgiveness.
    Every month we celebrate a character trait. 

    • September  

      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Responsibility.
      • We do what we are supposed to do, on time, and without being reminded.
      • We follow the rules, even when no one is looking.
      • We take care of our things, things we borrow, and things at our school.
      • We think before acting.
      • We do our best and use our time wisely.
      • We are honest, keep our promises.
      • We acknowledge our mistakes and do not blame others.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Respect.
      • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
      • We use good manners, we listen and take turns.
      • We accept differences and do not pick on others.
      • We resolve problems peacefully, without insults or hurting others.
      • We care for our environment and do not litter.
      • We take care of our things and those of others.
      • We stand up for ourselves.
      • We follow the rules and are safe.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Gratitude.
      • We are thankful for people and things.
      • We show and express appreciation.
      • We say “thank you.”
      • We pay attention to positive things in our lives.
      • We see the good side of things, even when it is a challenge.
      • We are grateful for our own talents and skills.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Generosity.
      • We give freely without expecting anything in return.
      • We share our things, our time, our talents.
      • We show kindness and concern for others.
      • We help people in need at home, at school, and in our community.
      • We go beyond our responsibility in an effort to make the world a better place.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Human Dignity.
      • We stick by our family and friends.
      • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
      • We stand up for people and ideas we believe in.
      • We are loyal to our teams, community, and country.
      • We make good choices and don’t talk about others behind their back.
      • We make careful decisions when we have conflicting loyalties.



      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Compassion.
      • We care about people in our school, family, community, and world.
      • We are sensitive to others and are nice to them.
      • We are kind and we listen.
      • We recognize others in need and try to help them.
      • We understand and appreciate differences in others.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Perseverance.
      • We keep trying and don’t give up, even when faced with difficulty.
      • We set goals and make plans to succeed.
      • We have a good attitude.
      • We show patience and determination.
      • We stand up for what is right.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Cooperation.
      • We work together.
      • We take turns, share, and listen.
      • We participate and do our best.
      • We include others and encourage them.
      • We compromise.
      • We are good leaders and good followers.


      • At Skyway Elementary we practice Forgiveness.
      • We acknowledge our mistakes, apologize, and try to make things right again.
      • We understand that everyone makes mistakes and we accept the apologies of others.
      • We do not bring up past mistakes or gossip about what others did wrong.
      • We move on and are friends again.


    Counseling staff spend about 30 minutes per month (weekly for kindergarteners) in the classroom leading a discussion, reading a book, role playing, or even doing skits and puppet shows that relate to each month's character trait.                                                         

    For more information, please visit the Skyway Elementary website

     For more information or to learn how you can get involved, contact Roni Melton at RMelton@cdaschools.org or Carolyn Brainard at CBrainard@cdaschools.org