Hope on the Homefront

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    Working to builds bridges to connect families with needed resources and supportive services. We believe that a stable home life will help children achieve their academic and lifelong potential.

    Volunteer opportunities include: clothing closet organization, advocacy assistance interactive programs and discussions to inspire understanding and awareness of other cultures and civil rights issues, Also greeters, community liaisons, activity leaders, fundraising volunteers.



CdA4Kids & CLUB245 Programs

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    Before, after and summer school programs to transform a time of risk into a time of opportunity for elementary and adolescent students at selected schools. Activities offered engage our kids with a host of topics, offers homework help, enrichment activities and a chance to develop social skills through positive interaction. Read more about this program —

    Volunteer opportunities include: mentoring, before and after school program assistance, tutors, speakers

McKinney-Vento (MVP)

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    The McKinney-Vento Program supports families living in unstable housing and ensures students have access to education and can fully participate in school.  Our staff helps to remove barriers to education such as clothing, transportation and school supplies. We provide resources and referrals to strengthen families and support student achievement. Read more about precarious housing, students rights and district responsibilities — 

Indian Education Program

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    Our Indian Education Program develops culturally specific learning resources for American Indian/Alaska Native students that supplement and enrich regular academic programs. This program promotes cultural pride and positive identity which helps to create a strong foundation for students and their families. Read more about this program —

    Volunteer opportunities include: craft nights, advocacy, cultural festival assistance