• Special Education Classrooms

    The Special Education Classroom prepares children with basic “getting ready to learn skills” which will support them in transitioning into the classroom. These children learn through exploration of their environment. The classroom teachers provide opportunities for hands-on learning with guided instruction.

    The class is exciting, fun, and full of energy. The learning that takes place in this classroom will become the foundation for a lifetime of success in school and life. The students in the class learn by actively engaging with the world around them.

    The curriculum in each class includes literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, social/emotional development, physical development and fine arts.

    The classroom teachers, in conjunction with the related service providers, follow through with the implementation of the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals. 

    Students enter classrooms throughout the school year as they are identified either through the Developmental Screener or transitioning from the Infant Toddler Program.

    Inclusive Classrooms

    The inclusive model is a classroom community setting that allows children with special needs to explore a variety of learning activities with their peers as well as directed activities to meet their individual needs. This class combines early childhood and special education services for children ages three to five.

    Children who have special needs and who meet the state eligibility requirements for receiving special education services are co-enrolled in the Coeur d’Alene School District and Head Start (, meeting both program’s requirements.

    Students can enter these classrooms at the beginning of the school year by applying in the prior spring or throughout the school year if an opening becomes available.