Kristi Hanson - Speech Language Pathologist, Phonology Classroom

  • Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP):
    My name is Kristi Hanson and I am a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). This is my eighth year as a SLP in the CDA School District, and I have worked in the preschool full time for the past 6 years. I love that I can provide services for students in the same school district I attended from elementary school through high school. This school district got me to where I am today, doing what I love! My husband and I are thrilled to raise our two young daughters in this community, with plenty of adventure for our family. Every child has a voice, and I consider myself lucky to be part of such a strong team to help all of those voices be heard. 

About the Class:

  • We are all excited to be starting another year of speech therapy services in the preschool phonology class! This year preschool phonology classes will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
    All that is needed for the first day is a backpack and diapers/pull-ups/wipes (if necessary)  and a spare change of clothing. We will send home a requested school supplies and snack list after the first or second session. Your help with supplies is appreciated and you can be assured they will be used this school year.
    For these first 2 weeks in the preschool phonology class, we will be addressing the early developing phonological processes of final consonant deletion and velar fronting.  We will also be re-screening the articulatioin and phonology of all students to assess their present speech concerns and introducing or re-introducing students to the routines/expectations of our class.
    Please remember that homework is an essential component for success in our program – the more attention given to helping the kiddos improve their speech, the faster they will improve, so please check the backpacks after each session to read about what we have done in class and to look over the homework for that week. Reviewing the weekly target words with your child (homework) is essential to their progress in this program!