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    CAT stands for CRISIS ASSISTANCE TEAM. These services provided by this team help support our Strategic Direction Plan — To provide safe, supportive and vibrant learning environments by accessing resources effectively to support the emotional, social, academic, and physical needs of all students at all schools.  


    The district's Crisis Assistance Team has been established to assist in managing tragedies that have a significant impact on schools (i.e., student or staff deaths, critically ill or injured students/ staff, terminal illness, natural disasters, hostage or abduction situations.  This team is designed to provide assistance to students and staff, preschool through high school. “Comprehensive efforts addressing crisis prevention and intervention are necessary to promote safe, supportive and effective schools” (Osher, Dwyer, Jimerson, & Brown, 2012).


    • Meet with building administrator(s) and key staff to formulate an action plan.
    • Support school staff.
    • Facilitate staff meeting to provide information related to the crisis.
    • Help teachers process information with students.
    • Work with students individually or in groups.
    • Be available for contact with parents.
    • Provide helpful, factual information to parents.


    Our Crisis Assistance Team has been active for two decades.  Members of the CAT have undergone specific training for assisting in crisis situations.  The team meets on a monthly basis, participates in book studies focused on crisis response, practices tabletop exercises regularly, and has developed a general response plan to assist schools when called upon. 


    The Crisis Assistance Team is a supportive service which can help schools assess, plan, and intervene in a crisis affecting staff and students.  A planned, organized approach has been shown to be effective in reducing the emotional and social impact of a crisis.  The CAT has specialized training to assist building Administrators In directing crisis resolution activities.

CAT Team Members

  • To contact the Crisis Assistance Team, call Mitch Dremann at Work (208) 664-9188 or Jasmine Reed at (208) 664-3440.

    Mitch Dremann, Team Leader

    Teacher, Canfield Middle School

    Jasmine Reed, Team Leader

    Specialist, Winton Elementary School

    Chris Bain

    Retired, Woodland Middle School

    Brianna Birdsall

    Counselor, Winton Elementary School

    Tami Frantzich

    Counselor, Dalton Elementary School

    Sheila Fuchs

    Library Manager, Dalton Elementary School

    Kate Keinert

    Director of Equity and Federal Programs, District Office

    Matt King

    Teacher, Canfield Middle School

    Raelynn Loken

    Mental Health Specialist, District Office

    Melissa McKenna

    Teacher, Skyway Elementary School

    Melissa Monaghan-Hook

    Counselor, Canfield Middle School

    Dawn Myers

    Teacher, Lake City High School

    Keith Orchard

    Mental Health Coordinator, District Office

    Brittany Pfundheller

    Teacher, Lake City High School

    Emma Young

    Counselor, Lakes Middle School