CAT Team Members

  • CAT

    Crisis Assistance Team is part of the School Emergency Response Plan Recovery Phase and can be called in to help with the response and recovery phases of an incident. Whether the CAT responds to an incident is the decision of the building administration. 

    To contact the Crisis Assistance Team call Melissa McKenna at (208) 664-8998 or Douglas Wood at (208) 664-9188.

    Our Crisis Assistance Team has been active for over two decades. Members have undergone training to assist in crisis situations. The team meets monthly, participates in book studies focused on crisis response, practices tabletop exercises regularly, and has developed a general response plan to assist schools when called upon.

    Team members: 

    Melissa McKenna, Team Leader

    Teacher, Skyway Elementary School

    Douglas J. Wood, Team Leader

    Teacher, Canfield Middle School

    Sarah McLain

    Retired, Canfield Middle School

    Chris Bain

    Retired, Woodland Middle School

    Melissa Monaghan-Hook

    Counselor, Canfield Middle School

    Kim Ziegler

    Teacher, Woodland Middle School

    Samantha Hoggatt

    Psychologist, Borah Elementary School

    Jasmine Reed

    Teacher, Winton Elementary School

    Tami Frantzich

    Counselor, Dalton Elementary School

    Kate Keinert

    Director of Equity and Federal Programs, District Office

    Brianna Birdsall

    Counselor, Winton Elementary School

    Keith Orchard

    Mental Health Specialist, District Office

    Mitch Dremann

    Teacher, Canfield Middle School