Each month, classified employees in our district are nominated for their outstanding dedication to their job and for going the extra mile in service to our district. Any district staff member can make a nomination.

    One winner is selected from each building/school each month and the winners are displayed in the gallery below. 

    At the end of the year from all those nominated, four classified employees will be chosen as classified employees of the year.  

2023-2024 Classified Employee Nominations


    Hannah Hoy, Atlas Elementary School Classroom Assistant
    “has an innate intuition of what needs to be accomplished and makes it happen, is quick to recognize when an individual student needs assistance, re-direction, or praise”

    Anthony Seman, Bryan Elementary School Title Assistant
    “since the school year started, he's been right in the trenches, helping administer assessments, he took it upon himself to update most of our Chromebooks, making sure our students have the tech tools they need for learning, a valuable member of our team”

    Karri Delbridge, Canfield Middle School Certified Nurse Assistant
    “ability to attune to her clients and staff is commendable, maintains a positive outlook on a daily basis and maintains professionalism”

    Jay Prickett, Technology Software Specialist
    “so helpful and kind no matter what you need his help with, even with the most stressful times for his position, he has a smile on his face and is always welcoming to help anyone that may need him”

    Shanell Mannel, Nutrition Services Area Manager
    “worked countless hours over the summer to get our purchasing system TITAN up and running, taught herself how to use the system for effective ordering and inventory tracking to save the department time and money to preserve resources”

    Joey Wilson, Hayden Meadows Elementary School BI Para
    so great with my student, is calm and helps students solve their problems in a peaceful manner”

    Misty Sanderson, Lakes Middle School Building Secretary
    “is the person to clarify or defuse a situation, handle each call and each person, be it an upset parent or sick kid, with respect and grace, cares so much for the people and students in our building, that we all feel her thoughtfulness and care, dropped off school pictures to a student's house after they moved and no longer go to our school”

    Noah Kearl, Maintenance Foreman
    “Bryan stage is finally wasp free and it is in large thanks to him for stepping up, he listened and we finally felt heard about this terrible wasp problem,  forever grateful for all he did”

    Ivonne Trotter, Transportation Routing Specialist
    “always keeps her head high with all of the routing software challenges that we have faced, even though you can see the wear and tear that the programs takes from not working correctly, she is always trying to figure out a solution and is always positive”

    Erin Miller, Venture Academy Behavior Support Assistant
    “is a driven, hard-working employee, goes out of her way to engage with students who are struggling socially and academically, makes positive connections with these students on a daily basis”

    Adelle Bondurant, Winton Elementary School Special Education Para
    “is amazing with the kids that she works with, makes sure that the kids are learning and in a safe environment, volunteers on her own time, fits in seamlessly with the staff and the students”

    Debbie Dotson, Woodland Middle School Office Manager
    “is amazingly organized and generally runs a great ship, has a way of communicating and relating to co-workers that is friendly, respectful, and collaborative, a fantastic representative of the school district, Woodland, and office managers everywhere”