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    Each month, classified employees in our district are nominated for their outstanding dedication to their job and for going the extra mile in service to our district. Any district staff member can make a nomination.

    One winner is selected from each building/school each month and the winners are displayed in the gallery below. 

    At the end of the year from all those nominated, four classified employees will be chosen as classified employees of the year.  

2021-2022 Classified Employees of the Month Nominations by Month

    Jim Stroh, Bryan Elementary, Custodian
    "Our school looks very well-kept all the time, he is never too busy for a hug or a quick game, always has something funny and witty to say."
    Greg McCarty, Hayden Meadows, Custodian
    " From opening doors, tying little ones shoes, cleaning up undesirable messes, snowblowing the walkways, giving life advice while throwing in a quote that makes everything seem better."
    Melanie Nace, Skyway Elementary, IBI Professional
    "Stays calm and positive, her attitude has a great impact on the students, she's willing to help in any way."
    Shannon Dodd, Canfield Middle School, Classroom Assistant
    "She builds relationships with students by being friendly and humorous, but is also firm and consistent with misbehaviors."

    Gary Williams, Lakes Middle School, Custodian
    "Gary has worked tirelessly without a single complaint. Gary is such a kind and hardworking individual and his work ethic is strong. He exemplifies what all employees should strive to be."  
    Kelly Murray, Coeur d'Alene High School, Building Secretary
    "Is extremely efficient at keeping track of all student attendance, always responds very quickly, and is lovely and kind to kids and staff."
    Gayle Mangis, Venture High School, Title 1 Assistant
    "Gayle designed a system to track student attendance by class. She talks to each student, emails home, and schedules time for them to make up their absences. Additionally, Gayle organizes our school-wide testing, her efforts are making a difference for all of our students."
    TobyJoe McCasland, CDA Early Learning Center
    Behavior Support Assistant, "Toby is one of the most helpful, kind hearted, selfless and hard working people I have ever worked with! He has a passion for his students and always has their best interests at heart."  
    Jake Nelke, District Office, Lead Technician
    "Jake has been an invaluable part of the technology department, he oversees 5 technicians and manages to help anyone that needs help."
    Alden Poetker, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Took 2nd Graders from Fernan to Mobius in Spokane, there was a bunch of construction and he navigated many tight spaces with patience and "unbelievable" skill."

    Stephanie Jorgensen, Bryan, Special Education Assistant
    "Stephanie is our Sensory Sensi, a pioneer in teaching"
    Rachel Desjarlais, Dalton, Classroom Assistant
    "Writes speeches for the class to be an example to the students"
    Leslie McKay, Hayden Meadows, Library Manager
    "Has taken on the role of testing facilitator with kindness, grace, and especially humor"
    Joanna Ross, Skyway, Classroom Assistant
    "Is proactive in her work, helps with special projects and other activities that make the library more accessible and user-friendly"
    Katherine Cline, Lakes, Isolation Room Assistant
    "Has put together programs for students and staff, gets local vendors to donate food so every classroom can have snacks for those students that need it"
    Matt Pederson, Woodland, Custodian
    "Has stepped up and gone to great lengths to help the team with a positive can-do attitude"
    Lisa Knudtsen, CHS, Building Secretary
    "Tasked with filling teacher absences on days we don't have enough subs, performing multiple and complex operations with poise and grace"
    John Rockett III, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Does every small task without asking for anything in return, works hard and deserves recognition"
    Emily Russell, CDA ELC, Special Education Assistant
    "So wonderful with the kids and does an excellent job with challenging behaviors, always has a smile on her face, always positive, such an asset."
    Jane Atwood, District Office, Receptionist
    "During an incident where dozens of people filled the foyer, she politely asked that they leave and allow us to secure our entry.  When they refused, she continued to be calm and professional, an outstanding employee."
    Debra Albrecht, Dalton Elementary, Office Manager
    "Queen of positivity, sprinkles a little sunshine wherever she goes"
    Janet Smidt, Fernan Elementary, Title 1 Parapro
    "Steady, loyal, reliable, and a key contributor to the success of our program and to our students"
    Stacy Janson, Hayden Meadows, Classroom Assistant
    "Has earned respect from all of her students, works tirelessly to meet the needs of each child"
    Erin Gleim, Skyway Elementary, IBI Therapist Parapro
    "Makes connections with kiddos who need that attention the most, has the patience of a saint, handles school-wide initiatives for Autism Awareness each March"
    Nathalie Turner, Canfield Middle, Special Education Assistant
    "Gives 120% of her effort to make sure students can be successful and feel valued"
    Ann Carver, Lakes Middle, Office Manager
    "A wealth of knowledge, one of the most devoted, caring, patient, and efficient people I have ever met, meets interruption with grace and a smile"
    Ernie Lemmon, Woodland Middle, IBI Therapist Parapro
    "Calm and positive, came back with a smile after a difficult incident"
    Carolyn Emerick, Coeur d'Alene High, Library Assistant
    "Remains calm no matter the chaos, handles a myriad of challenges with grace, never loses her smile and sense of humor"
    Sunny Graham, Lake City High, Head Custodian
    "Is the glue that keeps our school together and puts in more effort than all of us combined"
    Marita Durk, Venture High, Title 1 Parapro
    " The epitome of a team player, committed to helping others, is an inspiration"
    TobyJoe McCasland, CDA ELC, Behavior Support Assistant
    "A consummate professional and cares deeply about students"
    Bob Harvey, Maintenance Department, Custodial Foreman
    "Our facilities are always in top shape because of his insistence on quality"
    Lori Edelblute, Transportation Department, Office Manager
    "Always greets everyone with a wink and a smile, reliable, impressive, and a ray of sunshine"
    Sandy Mikita, District Office, Payroll Specialist
    "Amazing attitude, always has a smile, never hesitates to stop her work to answer a question or help with a task, because of her, we get paid"

    Tamara Sines-Kermelis, Dalton Elementary, Classroom Assistant
    "Consistent care and devotion to Dalton students...advocates for education and funding"

    Amber Wanamaker, Hayden Meadows, Special Education Assistant
    "Kind, caring, calm, an example and a mentor" 

    Stacie McPhee, Canfield, Special Education Assistant
    "Hard-working, genuine, staff and students know she cares about them"

    Carl Hosking, Lakes Middle School, Facilities Manager
    "Always goes above and beyond and has a positive attitude"

    Matt Tenneson, CHS, Facilities Manager
    "Hard-working, takes pride in his job, positive attitude"

    Jennifer Woodall, LCHS, Secretary
    "Care and dedication to staff and students cannot be matched"

    Caryn Zimmerman, VHS, Secretary
    "Keeps school running, is an inspiration"

    Olivia Bryan, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Positive attitude, willingness, friendliness"

Previous Winners By Year:

  • 2018-19 School Year

    FEBRUARY: Daryl Wilson, Playground Assistant - Skyway Elementary

    JANUARY: Mandy Hall, Special Education Paraprofessional - Northwest Expedition Academy

    DECEMBER: Nicole Olson, Curricula & Assessments Assistant - District Office

    NOVEMBER: Holly Irwin, Title 1 Assistant - Fernan STEM Academy

    OCTOBER: Carlos Gonzalez, Special Ed Parapro - Canfield Middle School

    SEPTEMBER: Susan Behm, Classroom Assistant - Winton Elementary


    2017-18 School Year

    MAY: Tarah Tanner, Principal's Secretary - Lake City High School

    APRIL: Ken Rosebrooks, Isolation Assistant - Canfield Middle School

    MARCH: Lisa Rakes, Librarian - Sorensen Magnet School

    FEBRUARY: Robin Richardson, Classroom Assistant - Canfield Middle School

    JANUARY: Jake Nelke, Computer Technician - District Tech Department

    DECEMBER: Rob Mick, Head Warehouse Worker - Nutrition Services

    NOVEMBER: Victoria Michael, Communications Assistant - District Office 

    OCTOBER: Cathy Rider, Paraprofessional - Northwest Expedition Academy

    SEPTEMBER: Cheryl Ratcliff, Title 1 Assistant - Fernan STEM Academy