Students are required to adhere to athletic code policies and are responsible for the following:

    1 - Attending the 1st meeting for paperwork and registration instructions (or sending a parent in their place).  

    2 - Signing up for the Ski Club Google Classroom and for REMIND.  (Parents strongly encouraged to sign up in REMIND too.)  

    3 - Completing an online "Google form" 1 week prior to all trips. No Google form completed on time = no ski trip.  No exceptions.     

    4 - Submitting paperwork and fees on or before due date.

    5 - Knowing what is happening with the club at all times.  Everything will be posted online & messages sent via REMIND.

    6 - Be on the mountain skiing or in the lodge eating.  Anywhere else is prohibited.  


    It is imperative with a group this size that everyone follows the expectations outlined above.  If students do not, they will be dropped from the club without a refund.  Students need to know what is happening with the club at all times and be "in-the-know." Students will not be with an adult chaperone 100% of the time during the ski trip.