What is the 1st thing I should do if I want to take a dual credit course?

    Talk to your counselor! 

    How do I find out what dual credit courses are offered at Lake City?

    Classes will be listed on your registration form during spring registration for the following school year. 

    How do I know what classes are offered at NIC?

    Visit NIC’s website to see all classes offered.  Courses are listed by subject http://www.nic.edu/schedules/

    When should I register for dual credit courses?

    UI classes will be registered once the class has started.

    NIC classes must be registered for in advance.  To see deadlines visit http://www.nic.edu/calendar/

    How do I know if a class will count as a core requirement?

    Talk to your counselor.

    When do classes at NIC start? 

    NIC classes taken on the Lake City High School campus will start and end at the same time as all other Lake City courses.

    NIC classes taken on the NIC campus or online will have different start and end dates.  Typically these classes start and end 3 weeks before LCHS courses.  To see semester start/end dates visit http://www.nic.edu/calendar/

    How do I schedule NIC classes around my LCHS courses?

    Talk to your counselor.

    What if I fail a class?

    All grades will be reflected on both your permanent high school and college transcript.  Failure of college classes may have an impact on getting admitted in to other institutions and future financial aid.

    Can I earn my Associates degree while I am in high school?  How?

    YES!  This will require you to take all classes Junior and Senior year through dual credit.  Talk to your counselor about specific classes/requirements. It is also recommended for student to meet with the NIC Dual Credit office to determine Associate degree requirements.

    Will my dual credits transfer to other colleges?

    NIC and UI credits are transferable to all Idaho state public colleges and universities.  Transfers to private and out-of-state colleges are subject to the transfer policy of those institutions.  Students are encouraged to contact those institutions for their transfer policies.

    How do I send my college transcripts to my future college?

    You must order an official transcript to be sent from the institution where courses were taken to be sent to future school.

    Have more questions about NIC's Dual Credit program?  Please visit https://www.nic.edu/dualtech/