Advance Opportunities

  • What is Advanced Opportunities Funding?

    Every student who attends an Idaho public school is allotted $4,625.00 to use in grades 7-12 through the Advance Opportunities Program. These funds can be used to pay for dual credit, overload courses, work force training courses, and college-credit bearing/professional technical exams. 

    Dual credit: Access to $75 per college credit.

    Overload courses: Access to $225 per high school course taken in addition to a full high school schedule (any classes over 8 available during the school day). This will not cover any classes that were previously failed.

    Examinations: Pay for college credit bearing and professional technical examinations. These include Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, College Level Examination Program, and Professional Technical Certification Exams.


    • Turn in an Advanced Opportunities Participation Form to LCHS College and Career or Counseling Office.
      • Only one is required to be on file during a student's time in the CDA School District.
      • You can also email a completed copy to
    • Register and create an account for courses/exams on the Advanced Opportunities Portal. 

Registration and Account Creation Tutorial