Xello is an online career exploration and planning tool available to Coeur d'Alene Public School students starting in middle school. Activities within Xello are integrated into the curriculum, but we encourage students to continue exploration at home with family members and to discuss results.

    Using Xello, students discover how their strengths and interests align with careers that inspire them. Then, they build the academic plan to get them there. Students will more clearly understand how the school coursework they do today impacts the life they live beyond graduation. Our hope is that this tool will be utilized by all secondary students in our district.

    Students will use Xello throughout their time at Lake City High School. Using Xello in combination with our College and Career Curriculum allows students to develop a college and career portfolio showcasing the students' growth through high school and their preparation for their post-secondary goals.

    When exploring future options, there are many different things students need to consider and plan for. While it is important for students to take ownership in planning for their future, caring adults in their life play an essential supporting role. Family engagement in a child's education has been proven to have positive academic outcomes. Having both educators and guardians on the same page when it comes to a student's future goals helps keep students engaged and encourages them to continue pursuing their journey to college and career readiness. If you need a link to set up your Parent Portal, reach out to the College and Career Staff and we will have an activation link sent to your email.

    Some Of Xello's Features:

    Career Activities

    Interest Assessments
    Career Matches
    Workplace Skills and Attitudes
    Work Values
    Careers and Lifestyle costs and choices
    Work/Life Balance
    Career Demands
    And more

    Academic and Life Skill Sets

    Study Skills
    Time Management
    Learning Styles
    School Subjects at Work
    Decision Making
    And more

    College/Post-Secondary Exploration

    College Fit
    Exploring College Majors
    College and Beyond
    Educational/Learning Pathways
    Financial Aid

    Students, head to your school Clever account to log in!

    (Be sure to use your CDA schools student email when logging into your account)