District Closures & Alerts

  • Schools may be closed for weather, road conditions, or other safety issues. 
    When severe weather or road conditions are the issue, our district’s Transportation Director will assess our neighborhoods, roadways, and driving conditions before dawn, taking into account current and immediate weather forecasts. The Superintendent will use that information to decide if we close or cancel school—in most cases by 5 a.m. 
    Once we decide to close school, internal and external communications will be sent as soon as possible. You can expect to receive a message or text from us if we are closed — but not if we are open —unless there are extenuating circumstances.
    The safety of our students and staff is most important in our decision-making process. For more information about factors affecting snow closure decisions, or to review wind chill or air quality guidelines with regard to school closures, see the links at left.  
    Stay connected and informed about school closures and alerts by using one or more of the resources below.  
    PRINT: CdA Schools Closure Information


    Blackboard is our emergency notification system that will notify you via text, phone, or email message in the event of an emergency. The best way to ensure you receive all relevant notifications and alerts regarding school closures, safety issues, and other emergencies, is to update your information in Skyward. 


    Closures, critical updates, and other district-wide notifications will be posted on the district website (bookmark www.cdaschools.org) as available. The information will appear on the homepage of the website - often as a pop-up message.


    Social media is an easy and efficient way to keep up-to-date on all closures and critical district events. Because of the nature of social media, users will receive more timely updates and information than parents using any of the other information methods alone. Remember that posts or alerts from other users are NOT to be considered “official” sources. Only posts by “CdASchools” should be considered official district information. For updates, find “CdASchools” on Facebook or Twitter.


    The district's closure hotline is available to those who may not have reliable internet access and is an effective way to check the status of closures. The Coeur d’Alene Public Schools Closure Hotline is 208-667-0784.

    TV / RADIO 

    The school district will notify local TV and radio stations in the event of a school closure or delay. KREM 2, KXLY 4, KHQ 6 and radio stations KPBX Public Radio, KVNI 1080 and K102 will broadcast/stream school closures.

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