School Health Services / Program Description

  •  School Health Services

    School Health Services

    We deliver quality safe patient-centered care using teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice and informatics, by

    • Monitoring Immunizations and Communicable Disease
    • Performing Screenings: Vision, Scoliosis, Blood Pressure, Dental, Mental Health
    • Managing and Supervising Medication Administration
    • Coordinating Care for Children with Health Conditions
    • Developing Health Plans, some with Accommodations for 504 or IEP
    • Educating Students in: Hand Washing, Growth and Development, Safety, Binge Drinking
    • Training District Staff in: general CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed!, Epinephrine Auto-Injectors, and Basic First Aid
    • Training District Staff in: specific Care of Students with Health Conditions, Diabetes, Seizures, and Food Allergy
    • Assessing and Triaging the Health Needs of Individual Students and Staff when Available