• CHS Choir Syllabus


    Welcome back to Coeur d’Alene high school, and to what I know will be a great year in our choral program! 

    The CHS Choir Program

    The vocal music program at Coeur d’Alene high school consists of four choirs: The Chamber Singers, Concert, Chorus, and Mixed Chorus. Each choir experience is unique and different with new learning challenges to encourage continued music study and growth.

    Grading Criteria

    Grades for the choral music program are based on a combination of the following:

    Daily Work – 40% of your grade

    This includes but is not limited to:

    • Respect for the learning environment (teacher, classmates, instruments, etc.)
    • Work ethic in rehearsal and sectionals .
    • Willingness to contribute positively towards the group’s goal of excellence.

    Points are earned each day for daily work. In order to receive the full points for the day students must be in attendance and actively participating. (See next page for attendance policy

    Performance – 30% of your grade

    Concert attendance is mandatory* – This is a performance-based class. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a failing concert grade. These concerts are summative assessments of the unit, much like a test in other classes. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange an appointment with Miss Curtis to discuss an absence before the concerts.

    An excused absence from the concert can be made up. Students will be asked to write a three to four page paper on an approved subject related to the music or class topics, and it will be due within one week after the missed performance. Teacher’s approval is necessary. To excuse an absence of a concert, a parent/guardian email or note must be given at least two weeks before an event. 

    Emergency absences on performance days will be handled in the same manner as excused absences, though parents will need to contact the teacher as soon as time allows. I understand that emergencies do occur, and will make sure that students do not lose academic points because of one.

    * If your student is a life skills student, they have the option to not attend, however we love it when all of our students are involved!

    Chamber Singers Performances -

    Chamber Singers do have the opportunity to perform both at school and in the community. We are representatives of our school, and proud to be one of the founding electives on campus. These performances are graded and will be treated similarly to concert attendance. However, if you are going to miss a Chamber Singers performance, you will have the opportunity to make up those points via an assignment. 

    Skill growth – 30% of your grade

    Growth in learning music reading skills and vocal pedagogy.

    • Warm up practices and application 
    • Sight-reading practices and application
    • Part singing evaluations
    • Music theory evaluations

    Attendance – Mandatory

    Students are required to be on time to each class since choir is based largely on daily work and performances.

    CHS has a 90% attendance rule. On the 10th absence (per semester), points will be lost. Students may complete given handouts to make up points for that day. Handouts will only be given for excused absences. 

    Grading Scale 

    (Based on semester)

    Grade             Standard 

    A    93-100    4.0

    A-    90-92        3.7

    B+    87-89        3.3

    B    83-86        3.0

    B-    80-82        2.7

    C+    77-79        2.3

    C    73-76        2.0

    C-    70-72        1.7

    D+    67-69        1.3

    D    63-66        1.0

    D-    60-62        .7

    F    below 60       

    Choir Uniforms

    Each choir has a required uniform that will be discussed early in the school year. This basically consists of all black, nice, professional looking clothing. It is each choir member’s responsibility to purchase the required clothing. Each choir member is to dress in the appropriate concert attire for each performance. Any student out of uniform will not be allowed to perform, resulting in the lowering of the student’s grade. Students are also expected to groom themselves well for each performance. Our appearance reflects the respect we have for both the audience and ourselves.

    If the student or their family cannot afford to purchase this uniform, please inform me. We have an amazing thing here at CHS called Core Closet, which provides clothing and other materials for those in need. I want to make sure that every student can take part in our concerts!

    Choir Room Rules 

    • Bring a Pencil!!!
    • No gum, food or beverages (except bottled water) is allowed in the choir room during rehearsal.
    • Be in your assigned seats or standing order with music, a pencil, and ready to begin class.
    • Respect your fellow students and teacher at all times. 
    • Respect equipment, instruments, and personal belongings of others in the classrooms.
    • You must have a pass to leave class to go to the restroom, office, or library while class is in session.

    Each class will also create their own code of conduct at the beginning of the year.

    We do have a Choir Council, which consists of Presidents and Vice Presidents in each class, who have responsibilities such as being a role model to their peers and helping any subs who may be here. These are peer elected positions.


    Dear Families of 2019-2020 Coeur d’Alene High School Students!

    Welcome to the start of a school year! We have a wonderful group of intelligent and eager students in our class, and I personally am very excited about the amazing journey we will be starting this year! As we are starting to settle into a routine, I wanted to get in touch with you and share some information.

    About Myself:

    I am very excited to be teaching your child in my choir class this year! I love being a teacher here at CHS, and I have previous experience working with children of all ages.This is year five for me here at CHS, and I am so grateful to be a Viking! In addition to my music background, I have my endorsement, in English. I was a graduate from Shadle Park High School in Spokane, Washington, and am an Eastern Washington University alumnus, class of 2014. I also completed my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University in 2019. I am so excited to work with your child this year and hope to expand their understanding of music as a whole, both the fundamentals and the fun!

    About Our Classes

    I am thrilled to get to know each and every one of my students this year and watch as they grow in their musicianship. Our classroom culture is built on respect and responsibility, and I hope to include some pieces that represent our classroom diversity. This may include, but is not limited to studying music from other cultures, for either performances or just in the classroom setting. I feel very strongly that my choirs should treat one another like a family. We work hard to not only learn, but to build strong relationships and create an environment where students feel comfortable.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email. You can reach me at my email, which is mcurtis@cdaschools.org or call me at the school at (208) 667-4507.  I am always happy to talk to the families of my students. You are the most important people in my students’ lives, and I’d love to work together to help your child be successful in my classroom this year! 



    Makenzie Curtis

    Choir Syllabus Agreement Form must be returned to Miss Curtis for credit by September 13th, 2020.



    I have read the choir syllabus and understand the grading criteria and rules. I understand what is expected of me as a choir member in order to improve my skills and succeed this year.


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    Please sign this document so that I know that your student has shared the choir syllabus with you. A schedule of events will be sent home with your students, and will be available online when sets.


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