Student Rights & District Responsibilities

    Students who are homeless:
    • May attend the school where they are currently living or the school of enrollment when they became homeless. (Based on the best interest of the student.)
    • May enroll without school, medical or other usual registration paperwork.
    • May have a right to school transportation.
    • May receive textbooks, supplies or services needed to succeed in school.
    • Must receive a statement explaining any denial of service or enrollment.
    • Qualify automatically for Free & Reduced School Meals and Title I Services if needed and available.
    • May receive transportation and services while disputes are settled.
    School Districts must:
    • Reserve a portion of Title I funds to serve students who are homeless.
    • Review and revise policies that impede students who are homeless.
    • Post Rights of students who are homeless in schools and places frequented by the homeless.
    • Identify a McKinney-Vento Liaison to assist students and staff.

    When moving, parents need to:
    1. Contact a Community Coordinator (see contact information right) for help in enrolling your child in a new school or arranging for transportation for your child to continue in his or her former school.
    2. Contact the school and provide any information you think will assist the teachers and counselors in helping your child adjust to new circumstances.
    3. If needed, request assistance from the Outreach Coordinator Homeless Support Personnel to assist with clothing and school supplies.

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