Using Google Takeout to Transfer or Backup Google Account Data


    • Graduating students have until August 31, the year they graduate, to access their account and use this tool to copy their data for future use. 
    • Staff members have 10 days from the date of their final paycheck to access their account and use this tool to copy data for future use. 
    • This tool is meant to create a backup or transfer data not as permanent storage. The downloadable file will only be available for 5 days after it is created.

    To begin, go to, find the Account Tools section, and Click on Download Data


    go to and follow the directions below

    1. Select the data options you wish to download and/or backup and click Next. For some of the products, you can customize the format(s) into which your data will be archived.
    2. Choose the file format you wish to download the archive as - this defaults to a zip file. Choose “Send Download link via email” as the delivery option and click on “Create Archive”
    3. You will receive an email and the archive will be available for 5 days once it is created. *This service is meant for backups or transfers and not for storage, so it is only held temporarily.
    4. Once your archive is created, you can download the zip file to your computer at home, a thumb drive, or to another google account (***Be Aware: This folder will count against your Google Drive storage limits if you choose to save to your personal Google account)

    Open detailed instructions in a new window