• Story Time  When reading to your child talk about words, letters, and sounds. For example, ask your child, “What words do you see on this page that start with the same letter as your name?” Or, ask, “What is the beginning sound in the word ‘car’?” Or, point out, “Look, that word has the chunk /ip/ in it. What sounds does that chunk make?”


    Magnetic Letters Keep magnetic letters on your fridge and take turns spelling secret words for each other to see.


    Fun Words Make words in fun ways with clay, play dough, or sand and talk about the sounds that make up the words.


    Neighborhood Words Look for letters or words in your house or neighborhood. Point out the letters you see and the sounds they make as you read words on signs, labels, menus and the TV.


    Wonderful Writer Writing can help develop phonics skills so have your child write grocery lists, letters, or birthday cards.