• Ask the following questions when working with your child.  You can make it a game; ask students when they are reading, at the dinner table, in the car, etc.  Make words progressively more challenging as they master these skills.  Increase the amount of sounds within each word and the number of syllables.


    Ask child if 2 words rhyme.  (Ex.  Can/man   box/lip…)

    Say rhyming pairs and ask child to provide another rhyming word.  (Ex.  Rack, sack, ____; bake, lake, ___)

    Syllables  (rain-bow;  cir-cus)

    (Blending)  Say the words with a pause between syllables.  Have child say word.       (Ex.  Sail     boat,     cow     boy…)

    (Segmenting)  Say the word and have student clap, tap, or say each syllable part.     (Ex.  Rainbow (2), Man (1), watermelon (4)…)

    (Deletion)  Say the word and ask child o say the word.  Now say the word without ______.

                      (Ex.  “Starfish.  Now say it without –fish”.  Child should say “star”.  Rain (drop),  (pan)cake)


    Say the first sound of the word, pause, and then the rest of the word.  Have the child say the word as a whole.                                        (Ex. “ /s/…at-  what is that word?”     /m/…op,  /f/…ish, /l/…ock)  

    Say the word sound by sound.  Ask the child to say the word as a whole.           (Ex. /s/  /u/  /n/,            /sh/  /u/  /t/,       /f/  /ee/  /t/…)


    Say each word.  Have the child say the first sound her heard in each word.  Last sound; middle sound… To challenge students when they master this skill you can ask them about the second sound, fourth, etc.)          (Ex.  First sound in sun is /s/.   mop, candle, yellow…)

    Say each word.   Have the child say each word sound by sound.      (Ex.  Lake, rocks, chip, strap…)