• The State of Idaho calculates Graduation Rates for each high school using data submitted about dropouts and completers by individual districts. Graduation Rate is used as the third academic indicator (ISAT math and reading are the first two) in evaluating the school's status for Adequate Yearly Progress under the Every Student Succeeds Act (2015).
    How Graduation Rate is Calculated
    Beginning with the classes of 2014, the State of Idaho changed graduation rate calculation methods from the "on-time" graduation rate where students were counted if receiving a diploma to a new "cohort" graduation rate where students are only counted if achieving our diploma within a four-year time period once enrolled in the freshman year.
    Cohort Graduation Rate Calculation
Assessment Results
  • Graduation Rate

    The chart recognizes the graduation rate of the Coeur d'Alene School District and each of our high schools over the past five school years. Graduation rates in Idaho, not along with the rest of the United States are calculated using the '4-Year Cohort Method' which is explained.

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