About Our Staff

  • Director of Technology

    Responsible for supervision of technical support services and staff; oversees development and implementation of the technology plan; provides leadership in the planning and implementation of professional development related to technology; manages technology budgets and E-Rate funding; advocates for social, legal and ethical practices related to technology
    Jay Prickett
    Systems Analyst

    Responsible for implementation and daily management of administrative systems; maintains current knowledge of standard networking, administrative software and operational requirements; is responsible for professional development related to administrative systems.
    Travis Christensen
    Network Supervisor - Infrastructure

    Responsible for design, implementation, maintenance, security, documentation, and inventory of School and District LAN/WAN backbones to include routers, switches, data cabling infrastructure, and internet connectivity; serves as Project Manager for all Network Infrastructure and cabling projects; installs, maintains, and performs emergency troubleshooting of network equipment; creates and maintains all user computer drive images for distribution; creates and maintains software packages; assists Lead Technician and Building Technicians by providing technical expertise and Tier 3 support.
     Systems Administrator

    Administers the district-wide computer network by providing Active Directory, Google and other systems user account maintenance; performs administration of district servers, remote access, district email system, and security systems; provides back-up support to the Systems Analyst; assists Lead Technician and Building Technicians by providing technical expertise and Tier 3 support. Schedule a time for User Account Setup
     Lead Technician/Network Assistant

    Provides training, oversight and Tier 2 support for Building Technicians; provides support for Network Supervisors; performs general technical support for District Office personnel and other District staff as needed. 
     Mobile Device Technician/Building Technician 

    Responsible for setup, repair and maintenance of mobile devices (Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets) for the district; provides backup and support to Network Supervisors, Lead Technician and Building Technicians as necessary; maintains computer hardware/software at non-instructional facilities such as the Central Office, Food Service, Maintenance, and Transportation.
    Building Technicians
    Duties include:
    • Maintaining computer hardware/software at district school buildings.
    • Performing system maintenance; Installing and configuring application software.
    • Installing computer and network peripherals.
    • Diagnosing and repairing hardware/software.
    • Submitting regular documentation regarding repairs and communicating repair status with customers.
    • Supporting distance learning equipment operations and other video technologies, as applicable.

    DeeAnne Mason     Chris McKahan    Rolf Meier    Greg Skarisky    Corey Parker
    DeeAnne Mason   Chris McKahan       Rolf Meier           Greg Skarisky       Corey Parker          
    Technology Secretary
    Assists end users with technology related issues; assists with purchasing and record keeping.  
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Provides support and professional development to staff regarding the use of technology and related tools to support teaching and learning; communicates technology initiatives and materials to staff;  Coaches teachers on instructional technology strategies and lessons.
    Dan Kirkbride
      Kim Shandy