In the Classroom –

    The following will result in the player being put on probation until adequate progress is made:
              Lower than a 2.0 GPA
              Failing Class
              Routine Truancy / skipping of class
              Failed Drug Test

    Each instance will be addressed with the player and coach and discipline will be given on a case to case basis.

    On the Field –

                Being 10 minutes early is On Time
                Practice / Pre Game starts at the time specified (be there before)
                Maintain even level of emotion (No roller coasters)
                    Pouting, throwing of equipment, and cursing during game of practice will not be tolerated

    Summer –

    Varsity players (and those interested in becoming Varsity players) are expected to participate in summer softball.   

    Summer is a great opportunity for kids to not only get a great amount of At Bats, but to also play other positions and against other players. With the short High School season it is important for them to continue to play through the summer and keep developing as a player.

    Fall / Winter –

    During the fall, if a player is participating in another sport, they should meet with me in order to find out what they can do to get themselves ready for the winter. If they are not playing another sport I expect them to be at our open gyms.

    Starting in November, we will begin High School open gyms. I don’t care if you are hitting everyday with you “personal hitting coach”, I expect you to attend these at least once a week. Show commitment to your program. If I don’t see you until February, you’re behind. 

    Pitchers preparation begins November 2nd. If you’re not starting our throwing program by then, you will be behind once the season starts.


    Questions?? Contact Coach Lenz at jjlenz@cdaschools.org