Welcome to our District!

  • Coeur d'Alene Public Schools are the heart of our community. We have a student population nearing 11,000 students and our district operates eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, a preschool and KTEC, a joint professional technical campus with adjoining school districts. We employ some of the most talented teachers in the state, with talented administrators and staff members who are committed to the success of all students. 



    New students should register at their home school during the times listed below. Use School Site Locator to find your home school, by zone. If you have applied for a transfer or magnet school and been notified of acceptance, register at that school. If you have questions about which school you will attend, contact Christine Ballard, via phone 208-664-8241 or email.

    • All Elementary Schools — Thursday, August 17 12 pm - 6 pm
    • All Middle Schools (same as class registration) — Tuesday, August 22 12 pm - 6 pm
    • Lake City High School — Monday, August 21 9 am - 2 pm (by appt)
    • Coeur d'Alene High School — Tuesday, August 22 9 am - 2 pm (by appt)
    • Venture High School (same as class registration) — Wednesday, August 23 12 pm - 6 pm



    Please take the time to browse our website to review the unique student programs, various events, and activities that our district has to offer. For more information, please call the District Office at (208) 664-8241.