• Homework

    Students will have homework to practice skills previously taught.  Homework is meant to be practice of concepts students are able to complete.  However, I also strive to make homework meaningful for each individual student.  Because student needs vary, homework may vary from child to child.  If your child is frustrated or unsure of how to complete their homework, please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.  This way I can help your child at school to build that understanding and help you as parents to know what your child needs to do.

  • Standards-Based Grading

    Work we complete in class is either for practice of skills and concepts or used as evidence to show mastery of skills and concepts.  To keep this clear, I use the following guidelines.


    All activities or assignments performed or completed as a part of the learning process will be graded with a *+ or a *-.  Students are given ample activities or assignments to practice each standard before it is assessed.

    • A *+ means the assignment was completed satisfactorily and your child demonstrated proficiency with the learning target.  
    • A *- represents work that is not yet proficient, or below the expectation.  Students still need practice with this concept/ skill.


    Evidence includes assignments or assessments used to grade a student's mastery of the standards.  Evidence piece will be scored with a number 1 to 4 and reflects mastery of grade level standards.  In general I am looking for three evidence pieces of mastery before giving a student a score of a 3 on his/ her report card.  

    • A score of a 1 will be given to work that is below the grade level standard, indicating the student needs help with this standard.
    • A score of a 2 will be given to work that has not quite met the grade level standard, but is approaching proficiency.
    • A score of a 3 will be given to work that meets the grade level standard.  
    • A score of a 4 will be given to work that goes above and beyond, showing the use of a skill, strategy, or knowledge in a unique or in depth manner.