Jesse Affeldt

    Welcome and Hello!!!!

    I have been at Lake City High School since Fall 2015, and I'm excited to be back for another fun year! I teach Establishing Modern Europe and World History, and during fall time I coach Cross Country at Canfield Middle School across town!
    I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2011 with three degrees: B.S. Secondary Education, B.A. History, and B.A. Foreign Languages. While at UI, I participated in intramural sports (Ultimate Frisbee is still the greatest game ever, especially in the Kibbie Dome!!!), the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society for History, and was even a Kindergarten teacher's assistant for three years inside the College of Education in conjunction with Moscow School District. I almost switched to Elementary Education because of those experiences, but quickly realized nothing would ever get accomplished, since I would be playing with Legos and Playdough just as much... Maybe even childishly fighting over them for a turn...
    From there, I student taught at Woodland Middle School Spring 2011, went on to two years of subbing at the middle school level for Coeur d'Alene School District in just about all disciplines (Band was my favorite, since I could play my trumpet with them!), another two years as a Remediation Aide in Language Arts Boost classes at Canfield, and then Fall 2015 I became a Timberwolf Teacher!!!
    In my off time I enjoy reading, cooking, playing board/video games, watching documentaries about anything, kayaking, fishing, hunting, keeping my epic Jeep running (still going at 208K miles!!!), and spending time with family and friends when I can, with cooking/food being that binder of society!!! As with most, I would love to travel more or at least see our local sights better too! I was fortunate enough to backpack random places in Ireland and Northern Ireland for three weeks following university studies, saw many wondrous things, and even kissed the Blarney Stone! FUN FACT!!!! If you don't know, it supposedly gives you the "Gift of the Gab." Maybe that's why some of my lessons either bore or fascinate?! I haven't really figured that part out yet...
    My classroom door is always open!!! Feel free to pop in for help or simply say hello for a second! When the coaching season is over (Mid-October), I make it a point to stay after school hours for help (I'm bad at Math...warning there!), or just provide a quiet place to get work done. If there are any other issues dealing with class specifically, then emailing me at my school email is the best way to get in touch for both students or parents/ guardians!
    I look forward to seeing you in class and hopefully we can learn some crazy things together!!!
    -Jesse Affeldt