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    School Supply List for FIRST GRADE

    (Please do not label. We share consumable supplies.) 
    1 package of American made pencils (wooden)
    2 boxes 24 count crayons
    4 fat dry erase markers (Expo)
    1 pink pearl eraser
    6 glue sticks
    1 wide ruled spiral notebooks
    1 box 8 count markers washable
    1 pocket folders
    1 pair headphones 
    1 1” 3 ring binder (No Trapper Keepers or Zippers) 
     change of clothes,  to keep in backpack (if needed)
    Optional: Thanks for donating these shared items!
    1 ream copy paper ( boys: colored paper   girls: white paper)
    1 box quart ziplock bags (girls)
    1 box gallon ziplock bags (boys) 
    1 large box of tissue (kleenex)