In general, your child can expect to have about 30-40 minutes of homework each Monday – Thursday night.  I don’t usually give homework over the weekend unless it is an assignment not completed on time or a larger project that will take more than one day.

    Every Monday through Thursday, I ask that the students read for 20 minutes.  The reading material and minutes will need to be written down on the homework sheet.

    Students need to study their spelling words every night in addition to their written homework assignments.

    I know that all of you have busy lives outside of school, and that you and your family have many additional commitments and responsibilities.  For that reason, the majority of the homework assigned is usually something that can be completed by your child independently.  If for any reason your child is unable to complete their assignment or does not understand it, please write a note on their homework planner sheet.  Homework will generally consist of skills that have been previously taught during class time.  Please make sure to initial your child’s homework sheet daily.