• Frequently Asked Questions about Applying Online with FastTrack

    1.  How do I create a profile so I can apply for positions?

    Click “VIEW ONLINE JOBS”, then click to view current job openings, select the position you wish to apply for, click the "apply for selected position button" and create your profile.


    2. What is the HQ status form?

    The HQ status form is no longer required at this time per federal and state regulations. 


    3. Do I need to attach official transcripts to my application? 

    No. You can upload unofficial transcripts for your application. If you are selected for a position then you are required to furnish official transcripts. 


    4. Do I need a separate cover letter for each position?

    No. At this time the cover letter is attached to your profile, not the position. Until that changes please note that the cover letter can be non-job specific. 


     5. Can I submit my application if it is not complete?

    No. You must have all required attachments uploaded and all required fields filled out in order to be able to submit your application to HR so you can be considered for any position. If you have trouble with the documents, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


     6. What if it says my documents are too large to upload?

    There is a 750kb limit on the documents that can be uploaded. Transcripts seem to be the most difficult. Please scan your transcripts or other large documents in a very basic text format. If still too large or there are too many you may use the "Additional Documents" field or just upload the most relevant for the position.


    7.  If I am a currently contracted employee with the district how do I apply for a different position? 

    If you are currently employed as a certificated employee on a state approved contract you are considered an In-District Applicant. To apply for a different position you need only submit a letter of interest and updated resume by the closing date and time. 

    This can be done by creating a profile through Skyward Employee Access/FastTrack. Once you create your profile, you need only to attach a cover letter and resume, then contact Lisa in HR to submit your application. Letters of reference may be included but are not required. You may also simply submit the hard copies of your cover letter and resume to Human Resources.